We seem to be entering year three of COVID-19 with no end in sight. the novel coronavirus is no longer very novel, it’s boring. But people still remember what it is they were shocked by when COVID made it’s entrance. Redditor u/thirstylearning asked, “What’s surprised you the most about the pandemic?”

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The answers might be things you’ve forgotten about since the issues first came to light in March of 2020. It’s like taking a walk down memory lane and reviewing all the stuff that first surprised, disappointed, and horrified you when lockdown started. There might even be a few surprising positive things…but not a whole lot.

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How weirdly quiet it was at first. Living in a city of half a million people it was so insanely quiet. —DracoImortalus313


How unhinged it made people. —ABirdlessCage


I see it more in terms of something that was always there, I just didn’t see it: how abysmally stupid and disconnected from reality some folks always are. It’s not like their nature somehow changed. They were always like this. It was simply not obvious in normal times.

Now, shove the course of events sideways a bit, and all the simplemindedness becomes very obvious. —florinandrei


I did not expect my country (the US) to be so unprepared, but I guess years of underfunding STEM, overfunding sports and treating politics as just another sport with apeshit fan base got us. —flyingpomodoro


It is depressing how many people I know got caught up in QAnon and Covid denial last year. Teachers, ministers, old classmates, people i used to respect suddenly started believing in nonsense that sounded like a Dan Brown novel was thrown into a wood chipper. —TPrice1616


How much people rejected any idea of science. People who could not explain how a toaster works see themselves on the same level as immunologists. —Head-like-a-carp


That it’s still going —Largicharg


How unnecessary most offices are. —kellythebarber


I’m so annoyed by how easy places transferred over to digital because of the pandemic, yet we’re very old school before. It apparently was possible to do so many things electronically?! Yet I’d have to print things and physically send them and now we just have “digital signatures” Like, it’s so easy, but it was such a pain before. Driving across town to sign a single document. I hope those days stay gone. —perfectdrug659


How easy it is to return to old habits when there’s nothing else to do :'( —BagleFart

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how much more free time doesn’t actually mean people would be productive with their time. It was very common to hear “I would love to do X but I just don’t have the time”. Covid showed that it wasn’t the lack of time preventing people from doing things. —RealLameUserName


No matter how much Cheering and clapping for people who are putting their lives on the line it does not translate into helping them cope, paying them more, or any long term benefits.

It’s done to help the people clapping feel better. —Stsveins


How crazy amounts of stress impacts people. I’ve heard of many people becoming socially anxious, depressed and others gaining a new perspective on life. Somehow this whole experience helped me overcome a lot of my issues, seek help, and ultimately I feel like a much stronger person. This shit is still absolutely awful though —Vladimir_Poontang24


That in an apocalypse scenario, it won’t be medicine or food that is raided and hoarded. Its toilet paper. People will starve, but they will have a clean ass. —Drew-


How stupid people are —_AuxCordGuru_


I was surprised about the hills people were ready to die on. —DarkManX437


How people played politics with it. How much lower can people go? —11B-1P-CIB


How uncoordinated global strategies are!

Why all the G7, G20, United Nations summits are for? —void_patissier


For westerners especially, the existential crisis that surfaced in people. It was really surprising seeing how untouchable some people felt they were and how straying from routine can really put some people in a weird headspace. —red_beered


No matter how strong you feel, everyone has a breaking point from stress. —NicoModafinil

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How much it divided us. I always sort of thought that if we, as a species, ever faced some sort of external existential threat, like aliens coming to wipe us out or some horrible natural catastrophe, we’d band together to help each other. Turns out; nope, we’ll try to make money off each other, use the situation for political gain, and refuse to take basic precautions to protect each other basically just out of spite.

We’re so much shittier as a species than I ever imagined, and I never thought terribly highly of people to begin with. —Holybartender83

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*First Published: December 18, 2021, 10:24 am