White guy calling the police on protesters

White Man Calls Cops On Two Lone Protesters, Demands They Be Arrested For “Having People Honking”

A video of a man calling the police on protesters for protesting and demanding that they be arrested is going viral on Twitter and once again sparking a debate that has yet to be settled—what do you call a male Karen?

So asked Taylor Lorenz when she posted the video of a man whose name is definitely either Kevin or Kyle approaching the situation in entirely the wrong way.

The video is part of a series recorded by TikTok user “valpal982,” who explains in follow-ups that she and her boyfriend had been protesting on the same corner for four days without complaint when this man came out and started yelling at them. In the videos, taken around 11 pm, the unidentified man says he has to “be up in three hours” and can’t sleep because drivers keep honking in support.

He also basically tells them that their protest is pointless and that they should go to Minnesota if they want to protest. If it’s so ineffective, though, then why is he out there complaining about all the honks?

“There’s two of you out here. You think you’re actually making a difference?” he says in the video posted to Twitter. You’re making people pissed off in this f***ing neighborhood. Go home.”

The protesters try to reason with the man, but he’s already on the phone ready to use his white privilege to get what he wants.

“There’s two people standing out here on the corner of [unclear] and Prospect, and they’re having people honking,” he says to the dispatcher. “It’s after 11 o’clock. I want them arrested. Right now.”

Obviously, the two protesters were not arrested because that would be a flagrant violation of First Amendment rights. Also, as the young woman of the pair points out in follow-up videos, they were not “having people honking.” The sign they were using says “all lives will matter when Black lives matter,” and passing motorists were honking of their own volition.

However, she explains, they would have moved their protest if the man in the video had simply come down and calmly explained to them that he has to get up extremely early and the honking is keeping him up. Instead, he was belligerent from the beginning, refused to engage in any kind of discussion, and called the police.

Good luck getting any peace and quiet now, because this guy has become the poster child for male Karens everywhere.

And the debate on what to call men like him went on longer than an 11 pm protest.

Just don’t call him before he gets up at 2 am or he’ll call the cops on you.