A man has been arrested and charged with assault after he slapped a staff member who stood up to his racist rant in a Florida restaurant, where he called himself a white supremacist, invoked the “Aryan nation,” and threatened to rape a customer. The incident was caught on video after he unbuckled his belt and left his shorts hanging open, shirtless to expose the swastika and other racist symbols tattooed on his chest and back.

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The video contains physical violence and sexually explicit language.

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“I’m a white supremacist,” Nicholas Arnold Schock shouts after seeming to notice he’s being recorded. “The Aryan nation will rule the world! People covered in tattoos will be my closest relatives, I promise you.”

He also repeatedly tells staff and bystanders to “call Donald Trump,” claiming the president will get him out of prison. He then walks into the outdoor seating area with his shorts barely hanging on to cover his crotch area as people object.

“Hey, we got children in here,” says one man trying to steer Schock back away from seated customers.

“If you don’t know Donald Trump, I’m not going nowhere,” says Schock while turning back toward the unfortunate patrons. He seems to point to a random woman to make a sudden and shocking threat: “I will butt-f*** this b***h on the table right now.”

A Pop’s Sunset Grill then tries to interfere by blocking his path to an area with more customers, saying that there are children in the area, and he slaps her hard across the face. He is then mobbed by other employees and bystanders and pinned to the ground, where he remained until police arrived to arrest him.

Other bystanders reported hearing Schock use the n-word and threaten to kill “everyone in the establishment” and that he “entered the business cursing and screaming” seemingly without provocation. The local Herald-Tribune dug up a long criminal history on the white supremacist, including fleeing law enforcement and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

He was arrested by the police without being harmed, other than what looks like a bloody nose from being tackled by six men.

The restaurant put out a statement on the incident thanking everyone who helped subdue and remove Schock as well as those who expressed concern for the staff member who was assaulted.

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“Pop’s Sunset Grill is grateful of the heroic efforts of our staff, owner and customers that apprehended the individual within seconds of his violent assault of our brave bartender that stood between him and our customers in a protective mode,” the statement said. “She is recovering at home on paid medical leave.”

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*First Published: August 3, 2020, 1:18 pm