If you ever needed evidence that racism makes no sense, this is it. Screenshots of a white woman’s racist messages to her black Tinder date are going viral and leaving people wondering why she would agree to date a black person at all.

While arranging where they would meet for their date, the woman said she would wait outside of the restaurant they were going to rather than getting a table and waiting for him there. She then voluntarily explained that “I don’t like to go to black ppl’s places myself.”

The black man, brother to Dr. Annabel Sowemimo, replied with a screenshot of the woman’s own racist comment with question marks. The woman clarified that she meant “by myself,” but that wasn’t what was tripping her date up.

“That’s. A strange thing to say,” he responded.

“Last time I went to rum kitchen I was nearly the only white person there,” the woman said after saying she would never go there herself. She then seemed to try to walk back her racist statement, saying “I mean the only blonde one few other dark hair ones.”

Either that or she even has a problem with other white people with dark hair, which would put her into full Nazi territory. In today’s world, that’s unfortunately not outside the realm of possibility.

The black man then asked the obvious question: “If you’re uncomfortable about black people why are we meeting.”

“It’s cool we don’t have to meet up then,” the woman responded. “Probably wasn’t meant to be then.”

Gif of a black woman smiling at a white man and saying "you think?"

The black man called his former date’s words and attitude “incredibly rude” and then blocked her. The woman then continued digging her own grave by messaging him on Instagram.

“I think it’s very rude to just block someone when travelling 1.5 hour [sic]. But it’s okay. I wish u all the best,” she wrote. “Probably one of the reasons I prefer to stay away from Nigerians.”

So she has a problem with black people, a problem with Nigerian people specifically, and she was still going to drive for an hour and a half to date a black Nigerian man?

After the poor man’s sister posted the exchange on Twitter, people gathered from all over the world to express their confusion, and in the case of many black people, their exhaustion.



Let this be a reminder to everyone that white people having relationships with black people doesn’t erase racism.

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*First Published: July 17, 2019, 2:11 pm