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‘Direct Line’ Between Ukraine Aid And Trump’s Biden Investigation, According To New Testimony

The top U.S. diplomat to Ukraine, William B. Taylor Jr., provided testimony to House impeachment investigators that left representatives shaken and multiple experts saying that he drew a “direct line” between the withholding of military aid to Ukraine and Trump’s requests for investigations into his political rival Joe Biden.

All of this was laid out in Taylor’s detailed, 15-page opening statement, which is available to the public.

Democrats are calling this testimony the most damaging evidence yet to Trump’s efforts to not be impeached. If they’re correct, Taylor’s statement could be the final nail in that particular coffin as support for impeachment rises among members of Congress and the general public.

After the testimony, Representative Andy Levin said he was experiencing “my most disturbing day in Congress so far.”

According to the New York Times, Taylor testified that “the president had explicitly made it clear that Mr. Zelensky would not be invited to the White House or secure much-needed security aid unless the Ukrainian leader made a public announcement that his country would start the investigations that Mr. Trump so badly wanted.”

According to Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who echoed Levin’s sentiment on how disturbing the testimony was, Taylor’s account fills in a lot of the gaps previously missing from the picture Democrats are forming for their impeachment inquiry.

“It’s like if you had a big, 1,000-piece puzzle on a table,” she said. “This fills in a lot of pieces of the puzzle.” These two representatives are far from the only ones feeling stunned by Taylor’s words.

The only question left might be how much worse things can get for Trump before the impeachment hammer officially drops.