White woman calling cops on black men

Another White Woman Calls Cops On Black Men Staying At Airbnb They Paid For

Somehow, even during a global pandemic, certain people are still staying at Airbnbs and failing to mind their own business, calling the cops on black men for crimes like playing music. This happened to two such men, who go by Donovan Cooper and Marlen Jones on Twitter, and were staying up late having some fun at a hotel or apartment building in a room they paid for via the popular online vacation rental platform.

Cooper posted a video on Twitter he took during the confrontation.

Cooper began filming the woman as she was on the phone with a police dispatcher, describing the men as “two black males” and mentioning a third upstairs, saying that “it is a secured building” and that she doesn’t know how they got inside. According to Cooper and Jones, they got in by paying for the Airbnb listing like anybody else.

She also mentions that “I don’t see any weapons at this time but I don’t know if they have any” as she stands there a few feet away from them in her pajamas and bare feet. The men calmly film her and make funny comments for two minutes while she finishes the call and starts screaming at them.

As the third individual from upstairs comes down to ask what’s going on, the woman accuses them of making noise late at night, then stops to get much closer to the camera she says she wants out of her face, then threatens to retrieve her own weapon.

“Oh, I’ll get my gun,” she says. Cooper and Jones encourage her to do so for the benefit of the coming police officers. The rest of the video is mostly the woman screaming that making a lot of noise in a “private building” that houses other residents is bad. At one point she attempts to forcibly close the men’s door on them, then calls the cops back to confirm they’re coming and declares that “y’all are f***ing going to jail.”

According to Jones, they did not go to jail, but rather were told by the cops just to ignore the woman and that “they get call like this all the time.”

Cooper later tweeted that the woman did initially ask the pair to turn the music down before calling the cops, but she was hostile from the beginning.

An hour later, Jones says he went to get some food and the confrontation in the video occurred in spite of the fact that they had turned the music down.

While loud neighbors are never fun, living in a multi-tenant building like this means that noise is often a problem. Decent people ask nicely for neighbors to keep it down and use white noise when that’s not enough, because calling the cops for this is both a waste of resources and puts black men in the U.S. in danger.

Thankfully, neither Cooper nor Jones was harmed. The woman, however, will likely never live this down.

Donovan Cooper, being a kind and generous man, had to beg people to stop sending the woman pizzas to be paid for at the door because she gave out her address on camera.

She’s going to have to change her number and possibly move. Better than being arrested for wasting police resources, though.