A woman is getting slammed on Twitter after she tweeted a video of a UPS employee whose service she was not satisfied with and complained that he didn’t pick up her boxes. In the video, the employee walks up with a letter, then lightly tosses it aside and taps his fingers on the door before immediately leaving.

“@UPS I waited all day for you to pick up two boxes. This is what your driver did,” wrote Twitter user “Blemi,” who also has “Karen” in quotation marks as part of her name.

It’s unclear how much irony goes into the use of the name “Karen” or whether this name was added after she received backlash for this tweet.

There is a running joke about UPS and other package delivery service employees barely making an effort to knock and then immediately taking off, seemingly as fast as possible. Often this is done because they only need to notify people, who may or may not be home, that there is a package at the door and don’t have time to wait around for people to open the door—or not.

In this case, the Twitter user was upset because she wanted UPS to pick up two boxes for delivery, but was unable to give them to the employee because he didn’t so much knock as tickle the door. However, as many others pointed out to her, you have to leave boxes on your porch if you want them to be picked up.

Others reminded her that package delivery is a stressful job, with UPS drivers often having to make hundreds of deliveries per day. This is especially true in the age of Amazon as more and more people are getting everything they can delivered to their doorstep. Drivers often don’t have time to wait after knocking in the hopes that someone is home to hand over the boxes they were supposed to leave out.

In addition to this education on how package delivery works, many Twitter users noticed that Blemi seems to use her account for little other than complaining to companies about anything she can think of. Tweet after tweet tags companies like DoorDash, Target, and Taco Bell to whine.

Companies routinely monitor their mentions to check for complaints like this and will very often respond. Sometimes they will even offer the aggrieved party free stuff. In the case of the UPS guy and the missed boxes, the company Twitter account did respond to Blemi and asked her to contact them directly to solve the problem.

Blemi’s habit of complaining via Twitter may have been what led her to adopt the nickname “Karen,” which is often applied to entitled white women. Commenters are jumping on the comparison, including one who captured screenshots of her tweets before the name change.

She may not get any more free stuff, but at least she’s internet famous?

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*First Published: January 29, 2020, 12:23 pm