White Woman Threatens To Call The Cops On Black Worker Blowing Leaves Off The Street

If there’s one thing that remains constant and true in this world, it’s that white women will call the police for absolutely anything — especially if the person they’re calling the police on just so happens to be Black.

Fortunately, some white women only get as far as threatening to call the cops, and that appears to be the case with a hoodie-clad Karen who went viral for her anger over a Black worker cleaning up the street outside her home.

Over the course of two videos, the woman can be seen approaching the man and accusing him of illegally dumping on her property, through blowing leaves off the street, something he claims he didn’t do.

“If I blew the leaves off this property, this property would be clean,” he says, video taping the area where a house sits, which still has a normal amount leaves and other general debris from nature strewn across the grass.

The woman’s claim ultimately seems to be that he blew leaves from that part of the property, into the street, and then to the grassy area clear on the other side of the street, which she says is her property, too. But honestly it’s hard to follow because the whole thing is clearly so absurd, especially considering the level of her rage.

“Stop! Dumping! On! My! PROPERTY!!!!” she screams at one point, her face full on turning red.

The man repeatedly tells her to go ahead and call the police, or call the company that she clearly reads off the side of his truck, because he’s just doing the job he was hired to do.

“Next time, I’ll call the cops! I will call the cops!” she says, reaching her full Karen potential. “Because this is dumping. You are illegally dumping on my property.”

The man, Cartëł Watchme on Facebook, tried to explain the situation a little better.

He said in a comment that the company he works for has been hired by her neighbor to clean up their property for years. He says that has always entailed blowing off the curb and sending those leaves to the other side of the street, which looks like a sunken area filled with trees.

“When I first started a couple of years ago I was working with a white dude and he told me to blow over there,” he wrote. “We did that property for years. Did you think her or her husband ever came out? Nope not one time.” 

But evert since he took over the truck, with a Latino coworker, he says he’s had multiple run-ints with the couple.

The intricacies of the incident may be a little tough to follow, but the anger and absurdity of the whole thing aren’t.

What most folks wanted everyone to remember was that even if this man was blowing leaves right up to this woman’s actual doorstep, calling the police — or even threatening to call the police — is the exact kind of escalation that proves white people love to abuse the system. And if police actually respond, they have way too much time on their hands and maybe we don’t need them so much after all!