Woman Demands Coronavirus Test After Bragging About Violating Social Distancing Guidelines

A woman from Tacoma, Washington is currently becoming internet famous for a series of tweets collected by another local woman showing an interesting progression. The first two tweets include photos showing family gatherings allegedly taking place during the pandemic with text bragging about violating social distancing guidelines and telling people to “stop living in fear.”

“I’m not worried about our germs,” she wrote in another tweet. The final tweet, however, sang a different tune.

“I’ve TRIED requesting a test in multiple places and there’s no option or they tell me I have a cold,” she wrote in Sunday’s tweet. “Where can I get tested for this virus? Its [sic] my right to be tested. I want to know.”

Like this woman, many other people want to know if they have COVID-19, but there aren’t enough tests to go around after cases spiked in the U.S. starting in March because, as it turns out, viruses are contagious and the novel coronavirus is a problem. Hopefully, she doesn’t end up like John W. McDaniel, the Ohio man who came down with COVID-19 and died from it after calling local lockdown orders “bulls***” and “madness.”

Apparently immune to the effects of irony, this woman has continued posting support of anti-lockdown protests, including one in Olympia that drew hundreds of people who all might now have been exposed to the virus. But at least there’s some hope to be found on her Twitter page.

Sure, because the best followers are the ones you get for going viral for being exposed as a massive hypocrite. We can be forgiven for enjoying it a little, right?

Thank you for that entertainment, ma’am.