A worker posted a TikTok video showing how embarrassed she was to be the subject of a “name and shame” after she forgot to pay for her half of the meal when she went out to lunch with a colleague. TikTok user Holly Marsh quickly apologized after the receipt for the meal, showing two entrees totaling $36, was posted to a work group chat by her coworker Larissa.

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“When I forget to pay for my food and they send it to the work groupchat,” the video overlay text reads.

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That’s got to hurt.

After sending her apologies along with an appropriate emoji conveying her embarrassment, Larissa let Marsh know exactly how she would be making up for her mistake.

“Full price tomorrow for you.”

The group chat shaming and the resulting TikTok video appear to be all in good fun, or else Marsh probably wouldn’t have displayed her screw-up on the popular social media platform for all to see. In fact, videos like these in which people expose their own humiliating mistakes tend to be some of the most popular on the website, and this on definitely outpaced Marsh’s others in views.

Not long ago, another TikTok posted a video showing how she was repeatedly embarrassed when she was trying to do a good deed by purchasing someone’s groceries for them. However, both people she tried it with refused her offer, telling her that they didn’t need her charity and that she should spend her money on someone who needed it.


in hindsight i can see why people can react differently to this, but my intentions were purely to brighten up someones day💕 i’m still super happy with what I ended up doing and i’ll do more of it for sure #storytime #vlog #makesomeonesday #foodshop

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Although it seemed as though the TikToker genuinely had good intentions, she forgot that a lot of people feel embarrassed themselves when someone, especially a stranger, offers unsolicited help, especially if they’re being filmed. Ultimately, she decided to buy some non-perishable items to donate to a food bank, where people go when they are asking for help.

In spite of feeling disappointed and rather humbled, she posted the video to TikTok anyway, and it ended up gaining over two million views.

Marsh’s mistake seems pretty tame in comparison to a lot of people’s screw-ups, and she ended up coming off as relatable to a lot of viewers, while others remarked that they’d be so embarrassed if that happened to them that they’d quit their jobs.

“Was that me,” joked one commenter.

Another felt that it was rather inappropriate for Marsh’s coworker to expose her simple mistake in the group chat like that.

“Her throwing that in the chat was so mean,” they said.

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*First Published: May 25, 2023, 11:36 am