Some states may be letting go of the mask mandate, but private businesses are still well within their rights to require masks in exchange for service — and that includes airlines.

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One woman figured that out the hard way after getting kicked off the plane for allegedly not immediately putting a mask on when requested.

A video posted to TikTok captured the tail end of the situation. By the time the camera started recording, the woman was already masked up and being told that she would need to exit the aircraft.

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From the sound of it, a flight attendant had accused her of failing to comply with the mask mandate in a timely manner, whereas the now-masked woman insisted that wasn’t the truth.

“She’s lying to you!” she tells the man asking her to leave, before turning her attention to the flight attendant. “You’re saying I didn’t comply and put my mask on when you asked me to?”

“I’m not going to argue with you,” the flight attendant replies.

“You. Are. A. Liar. You’re a liar and you have to live with that,” the unruly passenger fires back.

It’s at that point another passenger decides to jump in, shouting “bye!” to encourage the woman to leave. That encourages others to join in with their own declarations that it’s time for her to get off the plane, suggesting they agree with the flight attendant’s assessment of what went down and not their fellow passenger’s account of how she did everything that was asked of her.

The entire plane claps as she finally gets up and grabs her luggage to go, flipping them off in the process.

Once the woman and her companion have left, a flight attendant pops back into the aisle and does a little dance while everyone cheers.

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At this point in life, everyone knows the current rules for airplanes. Everyone knows masks are required on board at all times, just as well as they know they’re going to have to take their shoes off to go through security. These rules exist for the safety of others until the coronavirus gets under control, and people watching the video at home didn’t have a lot of sympathy for the woman.

“The fact that she’s saying she put her mask on when asked shows she went in there intentionally without her mask,” one user pointed out. “Bye Karen!”

“Ya know the rules, don’t like it don’t fly,” another person commented.

And someone else summed up how so many of us frustrated with these anti-maskers when we’re so close to the finish line feel: “Wear it so we can all move on with life.”

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*First Published: April 5, 2021, 6:16 am