There are plenty of places it’s a bad idea to make a scene, but on an airplane, where everyone is trapped in a small space together has to be among the worst. But as we’ve seen throughout the pandemic, there are too many people who don’t seem to have gotten that message.

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One woman on a flight to Vegas had apparently been causing drama throughout the entire trip, according to the man who finally had enough and started to record her.

While she is, in fact, wearing her mask pulled down beneath her chin for the entire video while the other plane passengers observe proper safety protocols, the issue seems to be that she’s lost her glasses—while loudly demanding other people help her find them.

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At the start of the clip shared to the PublicFreakout subreddit, the woman quickly notices the camera that’s been trained on her and yells at the man capturing her meltdown that it’s “illegal” for him to be doing so.

“You didn’t get my permission at all,” she complains.

Her fiancé begs her to stop, but when she ignores him, he tries convincing the guy quietly recording to stop instead.

“I’ll stop when you stop,” he says, redirecting his comment back to the woman.

“I’ll stop when you find my glasses,” she replies. “‘Cause that’s disrespectful.”

The plane is alive with laughter at the audacity of this woman to claim someone else is being disrespectful while she causes a whole scene, and the calm voice of presumably a flight attendant can be heard reminding people to wear their masks. But none of this deters the woman, who stands up at her seat and keeps picking a fight with the other man.

“We’ve been listening to your crap for hours,” he tells her. “You stop, I’ll stop.”

Her fiancé tries again to get her to chill, but she’s in it now.

“No, that’s disrespectful, with his bald ass,” she starts. “You probably don’t get your dick sucked, motherf—ker. Virgin-ass. Forty-year-old virgin, right here. Forty-year-old virgin going to Vegas with his tokens. Motherf—ker, you want to pick at a person that can’t see s—t.”

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Unfortunately, the video cuts off abruptly, and we may never find out how the woman followed up those classy insults. 

But that mere minute and fifteen seconds were enough for Redditors to decide they were glad they hadn’t gotten stuck on a plane with her and her drama.

“I like an airplane xanax as much as the next guy, but damn control yourself,” u/Countjunkie wrote.

“Dumb and loud? That’s a bleak, unforgiving combination to be locked on a plane with,” replied u/_the-dark-truth_.

There are a lot of reasons to hate public transportation in general, but at least when it comes to the ones on the ground, you can get off and not be stuck listening to someone like this for hours at a time.

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*First Published: April 25, 2021, 7:52 am