Woman's tweet about how she got revenge on a kid who poured water on her cat

Woman Pours Water Over Kid After He Does The Same To Her Cat, Sparking Debate

A woman has created a surprisingly huge debate on Twitter after she told a story of petty revenge on a boy who poured a cup of water over her cat for no reason and laughed about it. In the spirit of the Bible, Shannon poured a basin of water on the kid (who she thought was 10 but it actually 13) from her window, which did not initially go over well with his dad.

The tweet blew up after being posted on Wednesday, getting over 628,000 likes and nearly 78,000 retweets in less than three days, as well as over 4,000 comments and a lot of direct messages and, unfortunately, unsolicited photos of genitalia from men.

In addition to a lot of jokes, multiple debates popped up in the comments around the topics of parenting, cruelty to animals, whether a 10-year-old is old enough to understand that pouring water on a cat is uncool, and whether pouring water on him as revenge was too mean. Some parents chimed in to say that they would have taken Shannon’s side, and cat lovers widely agreed.

Others felt that Shannon should have talked to the kid’s dad about his behavior instead of dampening the child.

Then of course, there were all the people taking things way too far.

Before you get pulled in to the debate, it turns out the kid’s dad was only upset because he didn’t know what his kid had done to the cat. Shannon reports that she and her neighbor are friends and they’re laughing about the whole incident now.

It’s incredible the small things that so many people will get angry about. Can’t we all just enjoy the photos of Shannon’s dry, happy cat?