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Women In Uniform Respond To Tweet Dissing Them For Not Being “Feminine”

If you ever thought for a second that we’ve made solid progress as a society combatting the most ridiculous expressions of sexism, don’t worry — there’s always somebody on the internet waiting to prove you wrong.

A tweet slamming women for joining the police force and the military because the uniforms aren’t feminine is making the rounds, causing a wave of eye rolls across the world.

Unfortunately, the sentiment was put forth by a woman who calls herself “The Transformed Wife,” because internalized misogyny is alive and thriving, even in 2020. And she did not hold back.

“I’m not sure how men could be attracted to women dressed as men like female police officers and females in the military,” she wrote. “These are men’s jobs. If they weren’t then women could dress like women in these jobs but they can’t. Stick to being feminine, women.”

The logic is a total garbage pretzel, but it sounds like Mrs. Transformed believes that because people wear pants to fight crime and terrorism rather than skirts, the jobs are cosmically intended only for men. And also that badass women in uniforms are unattractive to men?

There’s so much to pick apart here that we would need a full on powerpoint presentation to do it right, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from laughing and crying in turn at this absolute nonsense.

While the point of donning a uniform obviously isn’t to look attractive or be feminine, it didn’t take long for people to point out that it’s also still entirely possible to do both.

And others thought The Transformed Wife needed a reminder that these social constructs of femininity vs masculinity have not stayed the same over the years.

But some of the best responses came from the people who put those uniforms on—regardless of gender.

Hopefully The Transformed Wife is able to transform her mind into something a little bit more functional and a LOT less backwards thinking—

—but we’re not going to hold out breaths.