Christian Schooled For Saying Women Don’t Need College To ‘Be Good Wives And Mothers’

There is a lot of legitimate critique to be made about the university system these days. College gets more expensive and the benefits of having a degree has lessened. More education doesn’t necessarily mean a higher paying job. At the same time, it’s harder to get entry level positions with out at least an undergraduate degree, which means people have a lot of debt and not much hope of paying it off at their income level.

As messed up as that is, it’s still not as messed up as this tweet.

Twitter user @laalex2, who is currently calling themselves The Transformed Wife, is what I personally think of as a Jesus Troll. They’re the sort of twitter account that gets attention because it says outrageous things about how human society should be run in the name of “Jesus.”

People get mad, the Twitterer gets dragged, and it’s unclear if they’re even serious. The Transformed Wife is clearly exploiting this dynamic, but what they wrote about women and college is truly outrageous:

“No, I am not a huge fan of college for women. College’s purpose is to prepare them for careers while making them go deeply into debt and does NOTHING to prepare them for being wives and mothers,” they wrote.

The Transformed Wife objects to debt, but only for women. Women don’t need debt, because they should be entombed in their homes as wives and mothers. Why would a mom need to do any learning? Just send her to Make Me a Sandwich Academy.

Naturally, this tweet is getting ratio’d to hell. A lot of good points are being made:

Some people are questioning whether this is real:

But some people know it’s not—because they lived it:

There are people who really believe what The Transformed Wife may or may not seriously be advocating for in that tweet. And this follow up reflects real fear about feminism and how college can expose young women to everything out there in the world that isn’t just Jesus and Their Man:

The Lord would like you to be drawn further away from Him, honey.