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Woman’s Tips To Folks Working From Home With Their Partners During The Quarantine Go Viral

A Twitter user, who is concerned that people online are saying they can’t stand the thought of being alone with their partners for a long time while self-quarantining, is using the platform to give some helpful tips to help couples weather the storm. @KiKiDoodleTweet wants everyone to know that working from home with a partner isn’t all gloom and doom and can actually be pretty enjoyable, given there are some basic rules put in place.

“As a person who’s worked from home with their partner for 6+ years the WEIRDEST take I’m seeing right now is “I love my spouse but hahaa I cant stand spending time with them during a quarantine lol ya get me?” And all the replies agreeing,” user @KiKiDoodleTweet wrote.

The user went on to explain that being in constant close quarters with a partner doesn’t have to be horrible if folks are in a healthy relationship and proper boundaries are set.

@KiKiTwitterDoodleTweet even made a book recommendation for couples who want to use their time productively.

“This book and all in the series were Nik and I’s favorite book series while dating. We’d ask every question in it to try and really learn how we tick. It was an adventure getting to know them. A recommendation for those stuck indoors,” the user wrote.

The Twitter user also urged couples to communicate openly about their needs and set and respect each other’s boundaries—especially the need for space.

According to the user and expert at work-from-home relationships, one of the biggest things to remember is to simply “knock first”! Some other important tips shared include texting a partner who is working from home instead of interrupting their workflow and also using whiteboards on doors to communicate if you are available, unavailable or simply need alone time.

She also mentions that “if a discussion topic isn’t liked, we ask for it to be postponed to later,” and notes that working out a chore system was massively helpful to maintain mental health for both parties.

OP then turned to Twitter to ask folks if they had any of their own tips for working from home alongside their partners.

Others responded to the thread by agreeing how bizarre it is to not be able to “stand spending time” with a spouse during a quarantine.

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