World Collectively Cringes As Donald Trump Tries, And Fails, To Hold Melania’s Hand (Again)

The Trumps are off to visit the U.K. this week, and it only took seconds from the moment Donald and Melania stepped off Air Force One for things to get awkward. Although Donald did manage to take hold of his wife’s hand this time as they walked across the tarmac, Melania very quickly found an excuse to stop the skin-to-skin contact by brushing her hair back.

This is far from the first time the First Lady has been seen to express an apparent distaste for her husband.

There have been multiple shots of Melania slapping or shooing his hand away from hers as Donald tries to keep up appearances. Other times she simply keeps her hand awkwardly stiff as her husband tries to poke at it in a clear “hold my hand” signal.

Maybe the best instance of this hand-holding aversion was in February 2018, when the rejection was so firm it stopped them in their tracks.

You can hear members of the press reacting to the snub at the moment Melania yanks her hand away from his so hard that she ends up accidentally stepping in front of him, resulting in an awkward moment that Donald tries to play off as him responding to the calls of “the memo.”

Melania Trump’s consistent negative reactions to her husband have even inspired a “#FreeMelania” movement, or at least a hashtag, as people can’t help but feel sorry for the First Lady. There has even been some speculation that she has remained married to him against her will, mostly in the form of jokes, but one begins to wonder.

Others have rejected this idea, referring to Melania as a collaborator who helped Donald rise to power rather than a hostage.

“Like Ivanka Trump, whose brand and subsequent media narratives have worked to distance her from her father’s repugnant ideologies from racist birtherism to sexual assault, Melania is no innocent,” wrote Stassa Edwards of Jezebel in early 2017. “She’s willing to vocally defend her husband—not only to stand next to him for the sake of political spectacle or personal gain, but to do the obligatory media tours and, like her step-daughter, insist that he respects women.”

Still, it’s fun to see Melania snub and publicly embarrass Donald again and again.

As horrible as Melania may be, let’s just hope she never has to be alone with him.