Twitter Won’t Stop Dunking On This ‘Activist’ Who Insists ‘You Cannot Be A Christian And Be Gay’

Among those who call themselves Christians is a group of people who identify as conservative, and among these conservative Christians is yet another subset of individuals, who hold the belief that Christianity and homosexuality are at odds with one another.

These people are known as homophobes. And while everyone in the United States (including homophobes!) are free to believe whatever they want and even have the ability to pen a tweet with clap emojis cushioned between their homophobic words—this freedom comes with a price.

And in the case of Angel Sobolewski (@violinisbae), who a few days ago tweeted ‘You cannot be a Christian and be gay’ a consecutive six times, that price is a heavy dose of Twitter justice.

Of course, a Christian can absolutely be gay—nothing in the Bible says otherwise—but what a Christian can’t be is a bigot. And many on Twitter said as much, all while mimicking the tweet-format used by Sobolewski, who cribbed it from people way cooler than her.

While being gay isn’t a choice, being a bigot certainly is—a rule explicitly forbidden in the Bible, along with judging others, eating shellfish, shooting to kill, lying, and dozens of others that some Christians abide by quite selectively indeed.

The hateful tweet prompted a reply from the Christians of Twitter, who rightfully pointed out the lack of same-sex condemnation within the Good Book.

Here are a few other things Christians aren’t allowed to do: Be intolerant.

You can’t be a Christian and gamble, cheat, or get divorced.

You can’t be a Christian and still support Donald Trump:

And lastly, you can’t be a Christian and use the clap Emoji as a tool for hate and ignorance.

It says so right in the Bible!